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The number one biggest mistake most prospective singers make is how hard they try to sound exactly like their role model. They hear a performer who they believe their vocals sounds alike, which they think they strongly re

spond to, and immediately, they want to LEARN TO SING exactly like them and they start twisting their voices into resembling this performer.

There is nothing wrong in imitating another artist’s style especially if their kind and style of songs move you, but if you are doing that with the intention of manipulating your own original voice, you become a generic copy. You have to know that every individual knows HOW TO SING BETTER and sound amazing in their own voice dynamics.

This reminds me of Joyce; my childhood friend. When we were in grade 4, our principal announced the 10th annual inter-school music competition with Joyce as the lead singer. ‘Paul, I need a VOCAL COACH NEAR ME or a VOCAL CLASS NEAR ME ASAP she whispered in my ears. Despite we call her a songbird; Joyce still couldn’t risk the chances of gambling with the competition. She immediately found a SCHOOL OF MUSIC where she was able to take SINGING LESSONS and learn the do’s and don’ts of vocal mechanics. This is what every singer should do. Learn to build yourself in your own personality with your singing voice with dynamics.

Apart from the fact that the singer you are emulating sounds the way they do naturally and effortlessly, most prospective singers have failed to realize that singers that try to emulate spend years developing that sound either by attending TOP MUSIC SCHOOLS or they even employ the service of a home VOICE COACH INSTRUCTOR to train their voice.

When a singer gets into the good habits of taking VOCAL CLASSES to build their voice the correct way, they will be given TOP VOICE LESSONS, are taught proper practice regiment, learning proper breathing techniques, singing without shouting nor straining of the voice and they gain relevant tools needed to create amazing sounds from within.

Have you always wanted to improve your voice? Whether you just sing as a hobby or you aspire to have a long-term career, there is a lot you have to learn to become a better singer. Developing this basis first is imperative. Proper technique and training will result in great


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